Let’s Move Our State Forward

Now more than ever we need leaders with a longstanding record of giving back, listening and responding to constituents’ concerns. I go to work everyday and listen to the concerns and frustrations of our citizens. I have been blessed with the opportunity to actually respond and make a real difference. It would be my honor to continue giving back to this community as the State Senator for District 19.

As State Senator, I want to create opportunity for all residents in Davidson County, regardless of the neighborhood they call home. That opportunity starts with ensuring that everyone has access to training, education, and a real chance to get a good paying job. Until the poorest person in our city is able to have a good meal and safe place to rest each night our job is not done. I will continue to work to improve the quality of life for all of Nashville. It will take all of us working together reaching out neighbor to neighbor and that is how we will build this campaign.