Brenda Gilmore has been serving the Nashville community for more than 2 decades. As a strong voice for Nashville on the Metro Council and as an experienced and progressive leader in the Tennessee General Assembly State House, Brenda Gilmore is one of Tennessee’s most trusted and dedicated leaders. Join the movement to elect one of Nashville’s most trusted and proven leaders who is truly ‘for the people’ to the State Senate District 19.  Brenda Gilmore has a proven record of trusted leadership and always works for the people. Brenda believes that people deserve real second chances so she successfully sponsored “Ban the Box” to make sure people returning to the workforce after paying their debt to society had a real chance at a job with the government before their background was discussed.

Brenda Gilmore worked with with her colleagues in the legislature to lower the fees for expungement to make getting your record cleared less of a financial burden. Brenda stood against the English Only initiative to ensure that Nashville and all of Tennessee remains a welcoming place for everyone.  Brenda Gilmore fought to remove symbols of racism and hatred from public places and has stood time and time again against injustice. Ultimately, Brenda Gilmore has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life for all people across Tennessee.